How it works

To ensure success on your program, get out your diary and set aside 7 weeks.

It is essential that you have a good understanding of the 3 Steps of the hCG program before you start to ensure you gain the best results.  Due to the restrictions of the program it is best to set aside 7 weeks that are social free to enable you to follow the program.

Our simple 3 step program

Step 1: Loading

Step 2: VLCD 

Step 3: Maintenance

Before you get started

Preparation is essential, so make a shopping list of all the foods you will need to get you started.  This is also the time to clean out the kitchen and pantry of any temptation that may allow you to stray with foods that are restricted during phase 2 of the weight loss program.

You will need a set of accurate scales to weigh yourself every day during the program.

  • Weigh and measure out your food portions for the first week and do a food plan for the week.  You need to have every meal planned for the entire weight loss program.
  • Support Food items needed during your weight loss eating program include;
  • Organic apple cider vinegar,  Fresh fruit, herbs and spices as well as powdered or liquid stevia.  We stock a full range of liquid flavored stevia at urban sense that can be used to enhance drinks and food during the program. BUY PROGRAM

Week 1 Getting Started: Learn More