Weightloss Plateaus & Detoxification

It is natural during any weight loss program to hit a plateau period.  Dr Simeons talks about this process in his original program, noting that there may be a period of up to 3 to 4 days where nothing seems to be moving especially the numbers on the scales.  It usually passes within a few days as the body’s set point is re-established.

For some people the process does not resolve and no matter what they do their weight loss plateaus to a point of frustration and they give up.  For these people the plateau is usually due to a build-up of cellular toxicity and poor elimination. During the fat loss process, fat stores are liberated from storage sites all over the body.

Once the fat cells have been released they must be processed via oxidisation in the mitochondria of cells in the body.  This process releases energy that fuels the body metabolism. When stored fat is released we also release stored toxins.

Studies have shown that the build-up of cellular toxicity as weight is lost has a significant disruptive action on metabolism, dropping metabolic rate and in some situations, halting fat burning altogether. Based on this information we have upgraded our product range and support nutrients to help with this issue.