Obesity Epidemic

There was a time, not so long ago when obesity was considered a sign of health and prosperity.

Today however, obesity is extremely common among most western civilised nations and has become the number one health problem that contributes to many medical conditions.  There have been many suggestions made as to why we are seeing such a rise in obesity levels today.

Contributing factors include; hormonal imbalances, glandular problems, genetic factors, thyroid disorders as well as lifestyle habits.  Whilst many of these factors may contribute to weight issues, most dieters will tell you that correcting one or more of these does little to solve the problem.

The most up to date current research suggests that we are suffering from “an insulin signalling disorder” triggered by an increase in processed carbohydrates and sugar in our western diet. This signalling disorder promotes hunger and fat storage over calorie energy use.

Promoters of this this theory include the original work of Dr Simeon’s, Dr Robert Atkins followed a similar role and recently work from Medical Researcher Gary Taubes. (recommended reading “Why we get fat”, by Gary Taubes)

The original HCG program was developed by Dr Simeon’s, who spent 30 years researching the cause of fat storage and found that humans are capable of storing 3 types of body fat. The first 2 types of fat storage are normal.

The third type called “famine fat storage”, is a natural body process that is switched on when the body is under stress. This process is triggered by the over consumption of non-nutritious foods such as low fat dairy, sugar, processed carbohydrates and synthetic Trans fat that dominate our current way of eating.

General calorie restriction will only reduce loss of normal fat stores that is often regained once normal eating resumes.  No amount of dieting or exercise will access famine fat storage as it tightly bound away as a source of survival fat during times of famine.

That is until the discovery of the work of Dr Simeon’s who after several years of research developed a unique program that aids restoring hormone appetite regulation as well as body reshaping.

Before deciding to start the program, view our page on Health Conditions, which outlines those for whom the program is not suitable.

Science proves quick weight loss programs better than gradual weight loss.

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