What is Pro hCG?

Our Pro-hCG formulation contains a unique blend of compounded ingredients that work effectively in reducing appetite and promoting rapid fat loss.  Our product does not involve injections or mixing. It does NOT need to be refrigerated so you can use it whilst travelling.


Our Pro-hCG weight management drops are used in combination with a very low carbohydrate diet. This process helps stimulate your body to release and burn excess fat cells that are stored around your waist, hips, butt and thighs.  This mechanism not only decreases your fat mass stores, it also increases muscle mass and reshapes your body. Get results 442 x 336

Our program has helped our clients lose weight and change their lives. It’s simple, easy to follow and has been specially designed by Naturopath and Functional Medicine practitioner Cheryl Penna.

With the Pro-hCG program:-

  • There are no gimmicks
  • No memberships or joining fees
  • No classes to attend
  • No shakes

So if you are interested in getting back in shape and losing that unwanted weight, then its time to start working on the new you. To buy from our online store, CLICK HERE